Toast’d isn’t just about toasting marshmallows, it’s about togetherness, bringing all the family to collectively enjoy the experience. Creating an opportunity to talk, to listen, to laugh oh and of course to toast, to dip, to double dip and most of all Enjoy.

Talking, laughing, telling jokes, telling stories and engaging around Toasting Marshmallows - what could be better? And if lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the need for more of this, more often. Oh and a little sweet treat every now and again, has to be good for us. Right?!

Our kits are perfect for bringing the family together, whatever the occasion; be it a weekend treat, the highlight of Movie night in the garden or just because it’s a Wednesday – the middle of the week!

The best part though is that our Kits can be used anywhere. Be creative and try enjoying toasting marshmallows wherever you venture; the beach, on a picnic, away at the caravan, camping, or even on a self catering holiday.

And don’t forget, our kits can be used inside as well as outside, so don’t let the Great British weather get in the way of a Great Marshmallow Toasting experience!

However and wherever your marshmallow toasting adventure takes you, we’d love to see your pics, so don’t forget to share @toastdkits