Halloween Marshmallow Toast 'N' Dip 3 in 1 Kit

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What is It?

Our Halloween Toast 'N' Dip Kit is a 3 in 1 kit with enough ingredients to enjoy a regular Toast 'N' Dip session aswell as making Toast'd Mallow Pops and Toast'd Mallow Bites all with chocolate and sprinkles.  

You can use the kit in 3 separate fun sessions or enjoy it as one big Halloween party - it's simply up to you!

What's in it?

Our unique kit includes Marshmallows, Belgian Chocolate Drops, Halloween Coloured Sprinkles, a re-useable & smokeless Gel Toaster, Bamboo Skewers, a recipe and instruction leaflet and a 3 in 1 recipe leaflet showcasing Mallow Pops and Mallow Bites.

What Size is it?

Unlike our standard kits, our Halloween kit only comes in 1 size which is based on a standard Medium kit but with more Belgian Chocolate drops (120g), more Sprinkles (80g) and more Bamboo Skewers (12) for the whole family to enjoy Toasting, Dipping and Making Mallow Pops & Mallow Bites!