100% Plastic Free

Why? Because it Matters!

It's as simple as that really.

When we started looking at developing our idea into a business, we thought Why Not? Yes it might take us longer to source compostable bags and Yes it may cost us a few pennies more per bag but isn't that the right thing to do? Sure, we could have saved money and opted for standard plastic bags but that's boring and so expected and like so many other brands.

We figured that if we put a little more effort in at the beginning, then not only would we have a more sustainable brand in the long term but more importantly it will help our customers to make a small difference. As they say, it's the small steps and differences that we all make that count. 

So, now you know ALL of our bags are 100% Plastic Free.

Fully Home Compostable Packaging

A great, eco-friendly packaging solution, Our biodegradable bags are 100% compostable. This means they can be composted alongside your garden waste, degrading relatively quickly.

Oh and Naturally, they can be placed in your standard kerbside collection bin destined for Landfill as they'll equally degrade just as quick.

The cellulose used to make the bags is produced from renewable wood pulp that has been sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests. 

Fully Recyclable Packaging

All of our Packaging is fully recyclable and we encourage you to recycle responsibly wherever you chose to enjoy our Marshmallow Toast 'N Dip Kits.

Printed Case

Our printed cases are made using recycled board from FSC sources and the Inks we use to print our cases are non detrimental for the environment which is equally important to us as is our choice to opt for Plastic Free.

Marshmallow Toaster

The 'Toaster's that we choose to use in our kits are made from Ethanol and there formula is biodegradable, fully water soluble and made from 100% renewable resources. The steel can is also fully recyclable and should be washed and placed in the recycling bin where it can start it's life again and again and again!

Instruction Leaflet & Gift Notes

These are all naturally fully recyclable and we always try to opt for recycled materials when sourcing our printed materials. 

Plastic Free & Proud!

We're not sure about you but knowing that we've managed to develop a Kit that is totally Plastic free is a great feeling, especially for a treat based family activity.

Who knows, you may even chose to discuss this with the kids and show them that you can enjoy a family activity that's fun, moreish and in a small way helps to make a difference!

After all, who says you can't have your cake and eat it? Well now you can.....Or at least, have your Marshmallows and eat them guilt free!