100% Sustainable Chocolate

It's a simple statement with huge impact.

Our chocolate, quite honestly tastes divine, when dipped, drizzled, dunked and however else you chose to combine it with our Toast'd Marshmallows! 

That's why we chose it right? Well, yes of course, we wanted the very best tasting chocolate that not only combined well with our Toast'd Marshmallows but also performed exceptionally well when melted. After all, what's the point of melting chocolate to enjoy dipping your Marshmallows in, if it starts to harden again straight away, especially if your outdoors?

Customer Feedback 

Our customers always comment on how 'Yummy' and 'Moreish' our chocolate is but they also comment on how easy it is to melt and stay melted for a good old Marshmallow Toasting session.

That's why we have so many repeat customers coming back to us, be it for gifting for other Friends and family members who they want to share our Kits with or simply to enjoy again as a great fun family activity indoors or outdoors.

After all, who doesn't like Toasting Marshmallows?


100% Sustainability

Sustainability is a big thing. It's what a lot of companies talk about and what a few companies actually focus on. When we were turning our idea into a business, we wanted to find a Chocolate that not only tasted great and performed well within our Toast 'N' Dip kits BUT also had sustainability behind it. 

Our Finest Belgian Chocolate is Cocoa Horizons Certified and is specially selected and fully traceable back to the Farmer Communities that grow the Cocoa Beans. 

Simply put, it means paying a premium price to the Farmers to empower local Cocoa communities. It makes economic sense and it makes the chocolate we chose 100% sustainable now and in the future. Oh and it tastes pretty good too - as it's Whole Bean roasted to capture the full flavours and aroma. 

So, Yes we pay a little more for our chocolate but it feels like the right thing to do for a high quality chocolate. So we hope you enjoy our chocolate as much as we did in choosing it - obviously we had to test it, test it oh and test it again!

Our Chocolate stays melted for longer!

Given the high quality of the chocolate we use, you will find that once melted it tends to stay melted for a much longer period of time than standard or cheaper chocolate. Typically our chocolate will stay in a melted format for 1-2 hours depending on how much you have melted and whether your indoors or outdoors. Now that's plenty of time for a whole lot of Marshmallow Dipping, Dunkin, Drizzlin and finger licking!