Taking Our Kits Outdoors

Our Toast 'N' Dip kits were created with the great outdoors in mind. Yes they're great for Toasting indoors but they're also perfect for taking out on your adventures or from turning the everyday into an adventure!

Like anything in life a little upfront planning always helps to make the most of any adventures you plan to have with our kits. Remember you will need 2 pieces of essential items to enjoy your kit in the great outdoors;

  • Matches or a lighter - sounds obvious but even we've forgotten the matches. on more than one occasion!
  • Something to open the lid on the Marshmallow Toaster - We recommend a small teaspoon or something similar to 'pry' open and ease the lid off. The lids are typically tight for safety reasons and its difficult to pry them off. without something small and metal to get underneath the lip of the lid

A bowl or two would also be helpful depending on where you're heading and how you plan to enjoy your kit. Perhaps it's part of a picnic or a fun day at the beach and you'll have plates and bowls with you. Alternatively, the following tips may just help with any impromptu opportunities to Toast, Dip, Enjoy!

Melting the Chocolate

Mother Nature

On super hot days, the chocolate will melt easily and quickly in direct sun light either in a bowl or in the bag. Depending on the temperature, it doesn't take long on a hot day and the sun is shining and can take as little as 10 minutes. 

Try using the actual bag the chocolate is in and letting it melt. That way you get to enjoy the melted chocolate without the need for a bowl! Remember to roll the sides down though as it can be tricky for little ones.

Hot Water

The chocolate can be melted in a traditional way in a bowl over a mug of hot water or Tea / Coffee depending on where you are and what facilities are available. It doesn't take long depending on the amount of chocolate your using. We recommend stirring with one of the skewers to agitate and speed up the process - oh and you get to lick the skewer of course as no one likes to waste it!

Try using the bag the chocolate comes in over the hot water if you don't have a bowl with you

Over the Toaster

The chocolate can also be melted in a bowl over the Toaster but Please use common sense not to burn the bowl or indeed the chocolate. We've found the best way to do this is by only using a portion of the chocolate in a bowl (we've used Plastic) and swirl it over the Toaster at circa 2-3" above the heat source ensuring that its kept moving and stir the chocolate every 15-20 seconds with one of the skewers. The agitation helps to speed up the melting process. 

NOTE: We recommend that this is only done by adults to avoid any mishaps. 


On days when there is a breeze or it's windy, the Toast 'N Dip Kit Case can be used as a windbreaker to buffer the Toaster and it can be used whilst still in its slotted position within the case

Obviously care and attention should be applied to ensure the lid doesn't blow over the Toaster.

Respect the Environment

Although our Kit's are 100% plastic free and we only use fully compostable and fully recyclable packaging, it goes without saying, that we should all respect the environment and take any litter or leftover items home or dispose of them responsibly after enjoying them, whenever and wherever your adventure takes you!