Halloween Marshmallow Toast 'N' Dip Kit

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What is It?

Our Halloween Toast 'N' Dip Kit is a 3 in 1 kit with enough ingredients to enjoy a Marshmallow Toast 'N' Dip session aswell as making Toast'd Mallow Pops and Toast'd Mallow Bites all with Belgian Chocolate and Halloween inspired sprinkles.  Oh and we've also added in some Pumpkin shaped sweets!

You can use the kit in 3 separate fun sessions or enjoy it as one big Halloween party - it's simply up to you!

What's in it?

Our unique kit includes Marshmallows, Belgian Chocolate Drops, Halloween Inspired Sprinkles, Squidgy Pumpkin shaped sweets, a re-useable & smokeless Gel Toaster, Bamboo Skewers, a recipe and instruction leaflet and a 3 in 1 recipe leaflet showcasing Mallow Pops and Mallow Bites.

What Size is it?

Unlike our standard kits, our Halloween kit only comes in 1 size which is based on a standard Medium kit but with more Belgian Chocolate drops, more Sprinkles, Squidgy Pumpkin shaped sweets  and more Bamboo Skewers for the whole family to enjoy Toasting, Dipping and Making Mallow Pops & Mallow Bites!

NOTE: The Pumpkin shaped sweets are not suitable to Toast and are included to be consumed as sweets.

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