Using Our Kits Indoors

At Toast'd, we know that you can't always rely on the Great British Summer. We've designed our kits to be perfect for use indoors so you can keep on dippin', whatever the weather.

  • Movie Nights

    What's a movie night without some epic snacks? Our Original Toast 'N' Dip kits and S'Mores kits are the perfect addition to your next night in.

  • Family Fun

    Saturday nights are meant for family fun and there's fun for all of the family with our kits. Why not try our Free From kit to bring everyone together, regardless of dietary requirements.

  • Parties

    Nothing gets a party started like Toast'd! Make your next party an experience to remember with a marshmallow toasting session.

  • Sleepover Fun

    Did someone say midnight feast? What could be better than toasted marshmallows, dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles?


From opening the burners to melting the chocolate, check out our guide to getting the most out of your toasting session.