Taking our kits outdoors

Our kits are perfect for creating family fun outdoors. A simple Picnic. A mammoth walk. A trip to the beach or simply chillin in the back garden. Whatever the adventure, our Toast 'N' Dip kits are portable, easy to use and add a bit of sparkle to any event, trip or activity.


Like anything in life, especially when kids are involved, preparation is key. Well to be honest, we use the term preparation but that's a bit of an overstatement - all you really need is a couple of bowls, plates and something to open the Marshmallow Toaster with (teaspoon or something small and thin to get under the lip to pop it off) oh and some matches! You can't light it without matches!

Then as they say, 'your all set' (American term!) to go wherever your adventure takes you.

All we ask and to be honest we know you will is to make sure you have fun and remember to take any leftovers home errr that's if there's any left in the first place!  

Happy Toasting!