Fire Pit S'Mores Kit

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These kits are designed to provide your family with everything you need to enjoy the toasting marshmallow & making S'mores experience together, outdoors with a Portable Fire Pit, fire on the beach, fire Pit at home, on holiday or simply with a barbecue!

Sometimes you can't beat the roar of the open fire and toasting marshmallows - that's why our Fire Pit kits provide everything you need... Marshmallows, Jumbo Skewers, Belgian Chocolate and our famous Sprinkles all for making the most memorable moments.

So if you're planning on going camping, caravanning, VW Touring, on Staycation or just hitting the beach, grab a Fire Pit Toast 'N' Dip kit to enjoy in the great outdoors. Loved by young and old, these kits are big enough to be used several times, the only question is Where will you Toast?

We hope your family enjoy our Fire Pit Kit as much as we did in creating it! 

After all life’s too short, let’s toast together.

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